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A Resolution of Washington Township, York County, Pennsylvania

Setting fees and Costs for the Calendar Year 2019

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Washington Township wishes to set the fees and cost for the calendar year 2019; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Washington Township wishes to combine all fee resolutions into one.


BE IT RESOLVED AND ENACTED, the same is hereby resolved and enacted by the Board of Supervisors of Washington Township, approving and establishing the following fees and cost to become effective immediately.



BUILDING CODES (UNIFORM CONSTRUCTION CODE)-The Estimated Value of Construction means the reasonable cost, as determined by Building Code Official, of all services, labor, materials and use of equipment entering into and necessary to the prosecution and completion of the work. The following average square foot construction cost shall be used to compute the “estimated value” of construction by multiplying per square foot construction cost by the total square footage of area for the proposed use.


Estimated Sq. Ft Single Family $70.00

Construction Costs Multi-Family $70.00


Attached $24.00

Detached $30.00

Accessory Structures/ Buildings $20.00

Carports $15.00


Finished $30.00

Unfinished $20.00

Additions $55.00


Remodeling-per contract (Remodeling or renovations to a structure without increasing size or structural change no permit required.)

Above Ground Swimming Pools $100.00

In-Ground Swimming Pools $100.00




RESIDENTIAL $7.00 PER $1,000.00 value of cost

COMMERCIAL $7.00 PER $1,000.00 value of cost

EXTENSION FEE for an additional year $35.00


BUILDING PERMIT ADMISNISTRATION FEE -Double the actual building permit fee if work began before obtaining a permit first.


Every Building Permit must pay fee for PA Dept of Community & Economic Development of $4.50.


PLAN REVIEW and INSPECTIONS FEES are all set by LAND AND SEA SERVICES LLC, Wilbur Slothour. Fees are billed and paid directly from LAND AND SEA SERVICES to the resident. See Land & Sea Services 2019 Fee Schedule.


CHECK RETURNED FOR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS- For the reimbursement of an Insufficient Funds Check, the sum of the original check plus a $40.00 fee to recover bank expenses.


COPIES-$.25 per page for black and white. Color $.50 per page.


DEMOLITION PERMITS-The fee is for the demolition of structures is $10.00. Demolition of structures is regulated under the Uniform Construction Code and therefore will include an additional surcharge for the PA Department of Community and Economic Development of $4.50 per permit issued. The total permit fee will be $14.50.



DRIVEWAY PERMITS-The fee is for issuance of permits on Township Roads, including application and final inspection. The cost is $35.00


ELECTED TAX COLLECTOR FEES- A Tax Certification fee of $15.00 will be charged for the request of tax information. Duplicate Bill Fee $2.00 per bill for receipts or lost bills. Photocopies are $1.00. Returned Check Fees are $40.00 per check.


EXEMPT UCC BUILING PERMITS-For structures classified as UCC Exempt the following fee schedule shall be;

1) For structures with an area of 500 square feet or less a flat fee of $50.00.

2) For structures with an area from 501 to 1000 square feet the flat fee of $75.00.

3) For Structures with an area greater than 1000 square feet the flat fee is $150.00.

4) Renovations or remodeling of a UCC exempt structure without increasing the size or capacity of the structure shall not be charged. This is an amendment to Resolution 2005-02.

5) Grain Bins - no permit required but must follow Stormwater Requirements and meet setbacks.



JUNKYARD PERMIT-This fee is for residence for Junk as described in the Junkyard and Refuse Ordinance. The fee is $300.00 each year. Must complete application and obtain permit from the Township Secretary before January 31st of each year. This does not include a business that has a Junk Yard License.


MILEAGE-The fee will be the same as set by the Internal Revenue Service which is currently $0.58, when a private vehicle is used for Township business.


OPEN RECORDS POLICY-The Township will follow the same fee schedule as Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. Black/White Copies are $.25 per page, color copies are $.50 per page.

Certification of a Record is $5.00 plus notarization fee.


PUBLICATIONS- Zoning Ordinances $30.00

SALDO $20.00

Comprehensive Plan $30.00

Zoning Maps $2.00




SALVAGE YARD PERMIT- This fee is for a Salvage Yard. The fee is $600.00 each year.

Must complete application and obtain permit from the Township Secretary before January 31st of each year.


SEPTIC FEES-All fees are paid directly to Township Sewage Enforcement Officer, but made payable to Washington Township. The fees are as follows;

1. For the evaluation of percolation test $240.00

2. For probe hole analysis on each lot

1st probe $120.00

Each additional probe $ 80.00

(Non-subdivision perc and probe fee- $ 305.00)

(Minimum $ 375.00 for each lot of subdivision)

3. Permit and final inspection (New System) $320.00

(Permit for Holding Tank, Tank Repair, or Replacement) $240.00

4. For each trip to the site in excess of one $ 80.00

5. Planning Module review $ 60.00

6. For verification of prior testing $ 90.00

7. For inspection of existing sewage disposal system for

purposes of planning module or module waiver pursuant

to Form B. $110.00


STORMWATER FEES- A base fee of $350.00 must be paid to Township Engineer to review plans where impervious cover is greater than 1,000 square feet. Areas where impervious cover is less than 1,000 square feet the fee is $200.00. Any additional fees must be paid to Engineer before an Occupancy Permit is issued.


SUBDIVISION and LAND DEVELOPMENT FEES – This cost is paid to the Township the same cost as York County Planning Commission, using their current fee schedule; if their fee increases, so does the Township’s

A. $550.00 (Base Fee) plus $50.00 per each lot/dwelling unit.

B. All other Land Development Plans as follows

$ 550.00 for buildings & additions up to 2,000 square feet


$1,050.00 for buildings & additions from 2,001-5,000 square feet

$1,550.00 for buildings & additions from 5,001-10,000 square feet

$1,800.00 for buildings & additions from 10,001-50,000 square feet

$2,050.00 for buildings & additions from 50,001-100,000 square feet

$2,300.00 for buildings & additions from 100,001-200,000 square feet

$2,550.00 for buildings & additions from 200,001-500,000 square feet

$2,800.00 for building & additions from 500,001 square feet and over

(Square feet is to be calculated as the equivalent of the building footprint)

C. Reverse Subdivision Fee will now be charge $450.00

D. Any additional cost from Township Engineer will be billed to Sub-divider or Developer.

No subdivision or land development will be approved before fees are paid.



A. Residential 800.00 plus one half of stenographers cost.

B. Home Occupation 800.00 plus one half of stenographers cost.

C. All other Non-Residential 2,200.00 plus one half of stenographers cost.

D. Each Additional Night 1,100.00 plus one half of stenographers cost.

E. Fees for Appeals from a Determination, Interpretation, or Enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance 800.00 plus one half of stenographers cost.

F. Each Additional Night for any hearing

400.00 plus one half of stenographers cost.








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