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Written by Diane Deardorff   
Wednesday, 17 May 2023 00:00

The Washington Township Board of Supervisor’s met at the Municipal Building on May 15, 2023.

All Supervisors were present.

Chairman Dan McGregor called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Supervisor Jeff Propps made a motion to approve the April 17th minutes as presented. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion.

The Treasurer’s report was read and approved by Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr to be filed for audit. Supervisor Dan McGregor seconded the motion.

Supervisor Dan McGregor read the following reports. Northern York County Fire Rescue EMS responded to 40 calls in April, 4 were in the Township. Wellsville Fire Company responded to 35 calls, 4 were in the Township. Northeast Adams Fire & EMS responded to 45 calls in April, 6 were in the Township.

Wellsville Fire Company Assistant Chief, Vince Brown, provided the Supervisors with the latest minutes from the Fire Company and profit and loss reports. He also reported 3 members are working on their certification for firefighters.

Assistant Fire Chief of Northern York County Fire Rescue, Keith Kuykendal, was present and reported on their on-going training. He also reported on the replacement of their ACBA’s. He is not sure which type of air packs they will choose to replace them with.

Subdivision Plans:

James Mummert with Hanover Land Services presented updated information on the Land Development Plans for the Lesh property at 776 Baker’s Watering Trough Rd. There was a discussion on the current driveway size, location and blacktop required. Steven Lesh stated there should be no more traffic than any residential use with only 5-10 cars per day. The Supervisors are currently not requiring blacktop but if dust becomes a problem and neighbors complain something will need to be done. Supervisor Dan McGregor suggested the use of millings. The Supervisors are ok with the use of a porta-potty instead of a restroom with a holding tank. A surety bond is required in the amount of $66,231.00. Solicitor Myers said she will need to approve the bond. It must include a 60-day evergreen clause in it. Supervisor Jeff Propps questioned the use if there would be any kind of shows held on the property . The Lesh’ stated no, only boarding horses with an area for them to ride. The Supervisors stressed the importance of not changing the use without coming to the Township first! Supervisor Dan McGregor made a motion for conditional approval after E & S permits and bond approval are met. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion.

Business from the Floor:

There was no business from the floor.

Old Business:

Supervisor Dan McGregor reminded residents that Ag Security applications are due in the Township Office by June 1st.

New Business:

Supervisor Dan McGregor asked Solicitor Myers what needs to be done to install no truck signs on certain Township Roads. She will review Act 31 and let him know. An ordinance will still need to be done.

Solicitor’s Report:

Solicitor Sharon Myers reported a judgment was filed on April 28th against Robert Stephens, property owner of 1970 Ridge Rd for violations. He will now have 30 days to enter a defense.

Supervisor Dan McGregor made a motion to pay the bills out of the General Funds Account totaling $4,525.29 and the State Account totaling $3,843.55. Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. seconded the motion.

Supervisor Harlen Anderson, Jr. made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:31 P.M. Supervisor Jeff Propps seconded the motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Deardorff, Secretary/Treasurer


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